Wine & Liquors Stores

Industries such as wine and liquor stores depend on CounterPoint to provide an accurate, real-time picture of their inventory on the fly in order to reduce shrinkage, minimize overbuying, and ensure that popular items are always kept in stock and are ready to drink for your thirsty customers. Easily keep up with specific brands, beer distributors, friendly vendors, house accounts, and more. Only CounterPoint has the features that give retailers control over every aspect of their business; from tracking their inventory, to scheduling vendors, and even selling products online.

CounterPoint comes with touchscreen ticket entry and automated purchasing all in one easy-to-use program. Your inventory automatically updates after every transaction, keeping you updated on what’s in stock, what needs to be ordered, and what’s still on the way. Hundreds of wine and liquor stores around the nation rely on CounterPoint to efficiently and effectively operate their businesses at their fullest potential.

Beneficial features for Wine and Liquor Retailers:

  • Customer relationship management apps help you connect with your patrons
  • Displays that face the customer are great for selling ad space or promoting special events right from the cashier
  • House customers are open-item type accounts, and customer terms and prompt payment discounts may be calculated based on the number of days delinquent
  • Automated purchasing calculates the quantities to reorder based on commitments, backorders, open PO’s, current inventory levels, and pre-determined desired stock levels
  • Cases can be priced and sold per box or per individual bottle
  • Kegs and taps can be tracked via deposit info
  • As always, a 2-second credit card authorization will keep your customers happy and moving along with their day.
  • RTVs reduce on-hand inventory, and can be vouchered into Accounts Payable to record credits with a particular company or supplier.