QuickHost is now Available for Small Business

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Affordable Cloud Hosting Finally Available for Small Business QuickBooks Users

Before now, locating Desktop QuickBooks accounting in the Cloud was too expensive for small businesses. Cloud Hosting was possible only for big corporate clients. Those days are over.

Ledger Systems, a local San Carlos company, has developed a breakthrough Cloud Hosting solution at a fraction of the cost charged by Amazon, IBM or Google.

Ledger’s "QuickHost Cloud Service" allows you access to your QuickBooks accounting ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
— QuickHost Cloud Service is AFFORDABLE. Setup and ongoing costs are a fraction of competing solutions.
— QuickHost Cloud Service is CONVENIENT. You can log in from anywhere in the world at anytime.
— QuickHost Cloud Service is SECURE. You have your own personal VPN access and all your critical data is safely encrypted.
— QuickHost Cloud Service is FAST. We employ the fastest servers in the industry and updates are automated.
QuickHost Cloud Service is VERSATILE. You can allow as many as five separate users to simultaneously log in to your QuickBooks from multiple locations.
QuickHost Cloud Service is BULLETPROOF. Your QuickBooks data is automatically backed-up daily. You’ll never lose important entries again.

Cloud Hosting is the state-of-the-art method for managing important business systems today. But technical support for your online activities is also crucial:

Ledger Systems is local. We have Cloud computing experts in-house, as well as experienced accounting CPA`s. We will respond to your support calls quickly. That’s why we can guarantee 99.9% up-time.

Call us today. We can have you in the Cloud tomorrow.





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