Network Hardware

We offer our clients a wide array of network hardware  to meet their needs.  If we don’t have a particular piece of equipment or software, we can get it for you. 

Customized Network Servers are the most popular hardware item requested.  Most of our Servers are built to be fault tolerant and include backup power supplies, and RAID 5 or RAID 1-0 configurations. Linksys / Cisco  routers and switches are the most dependable in the industry and are used in 99% of our installations. Our networks range from a small 2-5 user design, up to hundreds of workstations and printers. We offer desktop workstations and monitors in a variety of state-of-the-art configurations.  In many cases, our custom built laptops are used as a mobile workstation.
We offer our clients many choices for choosing application software that best fits their organizational needs.  Our most popularly requested software items include Symantec Antivirus, Windows 2003 operating system software, Microsoft Office software Microsoft XP and soon to be Vista.