CP Realtime© – SQL

 cprealtimesqlCustom e-commerce real-time integration with client accounting systems is made possible by using proprietary web based integration software developed by Ledger Systems. Click here  for  more information on our web based applications. CPRealtime is for Medium to Larger businesses and uses a direct SQL database query design structure using the Pervasive SQL database.

Ledger Systems, Inc. and Trinity Realtime, Inc. have designed a unique, real-time interface add-on program for users of NCR's CounterPoint  accounting system. The new product, called CP Realtime , enables users to collect and process web-sales activity directly from their web stores or any intranet order system.  CP Realtime can be resident on the user's own server — a major benefit to retailers and wholesalers who are sensitive about maintaining ultimate security over their web activity and general accounting records — or it can be used in conjunction with "third-party hosted" web stores.